2017 photos

by Stephen Keable

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Fenland Dipsacus
Walking through the fields
Katie in front of pile of logs
Wooden crate in a field
Wooden door and stone pillar close up
Wheat beginning to change from green to gold
Large daisy flower
Katie in the wheat field at golden hour
River boat with a lock in the background, Cambridge
Row of cottages at golden hour, Cambridge
Six spot burdet on a purple flower
Golden wheat field
Tortoise shell butterfly on purple flower
Lavendar backlit by the golden evening sun
Punter taking a rest in his boat
View over Norwich, with the Castle, City Hall and both catherdrals in view
Mullard radio telescopes, Cambridge
Ladybird on a young sunflower
Conic Hill, Scotland
Sheep on a hill, with a barn in the background
Classic portrait of a highland cow
View of Glenfinnan viaduct, Scotland
Highland heather, with mountains in the background
Ballachulish, Scotland bridge, with old train wheels in foreground
Clouds around Ben Cruachan, Scotland
View from Oban, Scotland
McCaig's Tower, from Pulpit Hill, Oban, Scotland
Boat in an arch of McCaig's Tower, Oban, Scotland
Bridge over the Atlantic (Clachan Bridge), Scotland
Sycamore seeds on the tree
Autumnal view looking along a road with golden leaves all around
Golden oak leaves close up, with Sun shining through
Female silhouette walking through a park in Bristol at night, lit be a streetlight
Pig farm on a frosty morning
View of Norwich Catherdral with rugby pitch in view
Ely Catherdral at Dusk
Fenland house, with boat moored on river outside
View of Hunstanton cliffs
Shells on Hunstanton beach
Older lady walking her dog down a snowy country path in the morning
Snow covered country footpath at dawn
Fox running across a field, with motion blurred background
Squirrel looking down from a tree, saying 'Thank You for looking at my photos!'